Sunday, December 16, 2007

The nazi/evil/fascist/imperialist/colonialist/murderous Bush Regime gets put in its place

So argues angry leftie Chris Hedges in today's Philadelphia Inquirer: I don't know what it was about this Op-Ed, but it was almost too much to stomach. Maybe it was his palpable disdain for the use of military force for any reason. Maybe it was the underlying current of rabid anti-Israeli sentiment (read Hedges' other stuff. It's a common theme in his writings). Maybe it was the worship of the NIE, which is so typical of those who want to politicize everything (even though this very report may have been political in terms of its findings). Regardless, it was still disheartening to read it..............

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Bar Kochba said...

Bush is evil, blah, blah, blah... Same old regurgitated crap.

PS Have you signed in support of the Jewish Declaration to the Nations? Its very important so please pass it on.