Saturday, December 1, 2007

Munich-ing Israel, Part Two

After the humiliating "Peace Conference" at Annapolis, where Israeli leaders were not even allowed to enter through the main doors, like the representatives of the Arab autocracies, the American sell-out of Israel continues: Of course, UNLIKE Munich, where the Czechoslovakian leaders were not even allowed into the room, Israel's leaders were a full participant in this humiliating exhibition.

I know that I have readers in Israel, and to them I direct this question: How can you put up with Ehud Olmert as your Prime Minister, a man who seems determined to sell your country out? How can you have allowed him to remain in power after the debacle in Lebanon last summer, when his administration's bumbling led to the greatest PR defeat in Israeli history? Israel is a parliamentary democracy, so pressure can be brought to bear on the representatives of the parties whose support keeps Olmert's Kadima Party in power. Don't you realize what he is doing to your country?

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