Saturday, December 15, 2007

Jennifer Love Hewitt

I almost never blog about the comings, goings and happenings of athletes or Hollywood actors and actresses, beyond when they offer their generally uninformed observations on political issues. For one thing, what they are doing at any moment really doesn't interest me. I couldn't care less. Second, it has virtually no impact on my life or what is going on "in my world".

I'm not a particularly big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't dislike her, either. She's just one of those typically pretty Hollywood faces that appears and disappears without me really noticing. Recently, however, photos were taken of her in Hawaii by paparazzi which showed her in a less than flattering light (horror of horrors, she wasn't a Size Zero dress size anymore)........or so some believe. You know what she looked like to me? A normal, very pretty woman, the type that if she walked by me on the street, I would definitely have turned my head. And no, I will not link to the pictures. Just search for them on the internet--you can't miss them.

The issue I have here is this: In a nation where there is supposedly an obesity epidemic, we have hypocritically demanded that female television and movie stars be almost impossibly and continuously thin. Don't even get me started about models, who now look like stick figures. It is unfair, and it is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I agree with you totally on the Jennifer Love Hewitt thing. She is still beautiful and sexy with the girl next door image.

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