Monday, April 14, 2008

Taking the meeting

Israeli President Shimon Peres, who agreed to meet with President Peanut Farmer as part of the latter's Middle East Tour, apparently didn't fill his role as the Court Jew too well. Peres, a dove if there ever was one, was quite critical of President Peanut Farmer's decision to meet with Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal:

One would think that President Peanut Farmer would get the idea that what he's doing is wrong when he's being criticized by the likes of Shimon Peres, the U.S. State Department, Condhimmileeza Rice, etc., but that's apparently too much to ask of the Israel-hating former President. He still thinks that it's a wonderful idea, and that Hamas must be a part of any peace agreement. I'm not sure exactly what part of "we want all of the Jews in Israel to die" President Peanut Farmer doesn't understand, but it's clear that he doesn't understand Hamas' true goal, which is this: He doesn't even get the "Palestinian Authority's" plan for the Middle East, which is this:

How out of touch is he? Even the Chicago Tribune asks rhetorically whether his Nobel Peace Prize can be revoked:,0,1544961.story.

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