Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Delegitimizing Israel

As Israel's 60th Anniversary approaches, the level and base level of the rhetoric against it continues to increase. The Charlotte (North Carolina) Oberserver just offered its Op-Ed page to one Edith Garwood, who in a few words claims that Israel is essentially an illegitimate country and that the Palestinians should have the immediate right of return: http://www.charlotte.com/409/story/576063.html. The fact that this would mean the end of Israel would no doubt be a source of great happiness to Ms. Garwood.

Another anti-Israeli screed was penned by someone by the name of Bill Slavick. I've never heard of the guy, but he clearly doesn't like Israel very much, describing it as the "bully of the region": http://bangornews.com/news/t/viewpoints.aspx?articleid=162956&zoneid=35. I am sure that Iran would be most distressed to read that it has been dislodged from that particular perch.

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