Wednesday, April 16, 2008

STILL can't stay away from this story

President Peanut Farmer's latest "words of wisdom":,7340,L-3532211,00.html.

Among the highlights of this article:
1) Yasser Arafat fought for "just causes" (like killing Leon Klinghoffer and other Americans?)
2) President Peanut Farmer met with and warmly embraced Nasr a-Din Shaar, Hamas' Deputy Prime Minister (Why wouldn't he? They share a mutual hatred for Israel).
3) President Peanut Farmer claimed that Israel was dodging its obligations as set out in the Annapolis "Peace Conference" (and I guess that firing rockets at Israel on a daily basis means that the Palestinians are holding up their end of the bargain).
4) Carter bemoaned not being able to visit the "besieged" Gaza Strip (I guess that President Peanut Farmer must have missed those shipments of fuel and food to Gaza.).


Bar Kochba said...

He's a moron, and a tool of terror.

Chag Kasher v'Sameach!

JZ said...

Have a sweet and kosher Pesach, my friend. Go Habs!! BTW, my site is different now...chack it out.