Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Liberal Elitists

I'm an avid reader of Sports Illustrated, which I devour as soon as it arrives in my mailbox every Wednesday. Occasionally, the magazine will delve into politics, but it usually stays away from the subject, though sometimes it just can't help itself. Last week, it had a blurb about which Presidential candidate various athletes from different sports were supporting. That section elicited the following letter to the editor from one Andrew B. Williams of San Francisco:

"There are only two reasons people ever vote Republican: They are millionaires or they are naive. Professional athletes are both."

I just love the condescension which is dripping from every word in that letter. Williams did everything but say that Republican voters are stupid. Given that SI edits letters for space and content, he may very well have done so. Well, Mr. Williams, I don't consider myself naive, and I'm certainly no millionaire. What does that make me (go ahead, you KNOW that you want to call me stupid.)?

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serket said...

I have heard that athletes tend to be Republicans and I think it is a good thing. I'm not sure why they are, but perhaps because they are competitive and work hard.