Monday, April 28, 2008

Not a surprise to me

Despite ample evidence that it is a terrorist group, Peru's Tupac Amaru has been kept off the EU's list of terrorist groups by a variety of NGO's, including one run by the lovely and talented George Soros:

I have to ask, is there a person in this country who has done more with his considerable wealth to impede the interests of the United States than Soros? If a world leader is an enemy of the United States, George Soros is sure to be that leader's friend. Soros also provides the millions of dollars which keeps running, aand yet I'll bet that 90% of Americans have no clue who he is. In this case, ignorance is definitely not bliss....................


Anonymous said...

George Soros is an enthusiastic American. He left the country of his birth and voted with his feet for the country where he wanted to start a new life.

He is committed to the capitalist system and functions very well within it. He has given millions to encourage democracy in captive nations and promote American values abroad, more so than any sunshine patriot has done.

He also happens to think that Republicans don't know what they're doing, and on the evidence, he is correct.

According to the Reagan Doctrine of Selfishness, he is so rich he must be conservative, but he is not, and that outrages the right wing thought police who prize uniformity over brains.

He is no demon, just someone with money who also thinks for himself, instead of marching in lockstep with the other reactionaries.

serket said...

And when has he disagreed with the reactionaries?