Saturday, September 15, 2007

Moving against Iran............

...........while our "allies" sit on their hands (AGAIN):,2933,296450,00.html.

I guess that I shouldn't be suprised. Germany isn't exactly stepping up in Afghanistan either, despite its commitment to NATO. I guess that the prospect of a nuclear-armed Iran doesn't bother the Germans too much. What the hell, it would probably only result in a few million dead Americans (after the Iranians disseminate the technology, of course), or maybe several million dead Israelis. Then again, the prospect of dead Jews has never really bothered Germans all that much, has it?

Okay, I will admit that that last comment is a cheap shot. But, I do have to wonder what it will take to get supposedly "civilized" Europe to stand up for Western Civilization?

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serket said...

I've heard France is open to military options.