Friday, September 28, 2007

Dare to DREAM

This neverending Presidential Primary season (is it just me, or does it seem as though this thing has already gone on MUCH too long? And, we still have over 13 months until the elecction!) has geneated any number of stories, but the one that just grabbed my attention, thanks to the sleuthlike abilities of the Bookworm (on my blogroll. Her thoughtful comments are always worth a look-see) is Senator Barack Obama's supporting the DREAM Bill. The long and the short of this bill is that it would give in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants, but it would NOT do so for poor Americans who are already citizens. This has one Obama supporter a little bit perturbed, shall we say:

I actually think that she's right. This bill is utterly ridiculous and completely unfair. How can anyone argue seriously that those who come here illegally should have an advantage over those who are either born here and are poor, or who emigrated legally and are poor? Where is the logic in that? Where is the FAIRNESS in that? Isn't "fairness" one of those things that seems to concern immigration advocates so much?


Anonymous said...

No DREAM, just the nightmare of uncontrolled boarders...
Nice blog!

serket said...

My Republican Senator Orrin Hatch supports this. On most issues I think he is a RINO, but he does have really conservative social views.