Thursday, September 4, 2008

Was it enough?

Sarah Palin delivered her speech accepting the Vice-Presidential nomination last night, and it was one of the best speeches I have ever seen. It can be found here:, nd here: As an admitted Hockey freak, I loved the line about Hockey Moms, and the barbs she directed at Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama were well-timed and well-put. She has a flair for the theatrical and certainly can hold her own with anyone in terms of speechmaking. If I had to give her a grade, it would be an "A", and arguably an "A+". All of a sudden, I'm very interested in the Vice-Presidential debate, and while I expected Joe Biden to run roughshod over her, I am no longer convinced that he will do so.

The question in my mind is, was her speech last night enough? She still has the media as a second opponent, and though even MSNBC grudgingly afforded her accolades about her speech last night, we can still expect it to do absolutely everything it can to torpedo her. As well, television ratings show that a lot more people watched the Democratic Convention than are watching the Republican one (though the number of people watching either is far too low, in my opinion), so it's fair to ask if enough people saw her last night for it to make a difference?

Time will tell over the next two months whether Sarah Palin is up to the task that she faces. It is certainly a daunting one, but last night, she got off on the right foot.

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Ogden said...

I thought she was long on style and short on substance. Attacked Obama a lot, praised McCain alot, told a well rehearsed story of her life, and provided little on the issues. It would be nice if we could get beyond the personalities and their life stories, for all the candidates, especially Obama and McCain, and get beyond this bs about hope and change, which both parties are claiming, and talk strictly about the issues and what each would do about them.