Friday, September 5, 2008

Burying the truth

US Weekly, the entertainment/pop culture tabloid, has a feature on Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin which is captioned on the cover as "Babies, Lies & Scandal". Now, the story itself indicates, albeit in weak fashion, that the lies are coming from left wing/liberal bloggers who claim that Sarah Palin's daughter was actually the mother of Palin's five month old son:, but the magazine cover, which is all many people will ever see or remember, doesn't suggest that--if anything, it suggests that the lies are coming from the Palin family or those supporting her. Contrast that with the cover that the magazine did on Michelle and Barack Obama, which amounts to a nothing more than a fawning homage:

What US Weekly is doing is just another example of the horrible media bias that has become so one-sided in favour of Barack Obama's campaign that even some moderates and independent voters are getting repulsed by it. Will there be a backlash against the MSM? I doubt it, but it would be justified if it did happen.

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