Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Hate Travel Soccer

So, the older of the two BHG girls plays travel soccer.  She's had some pretty bad experiences with it over the last few years (not last year, though--we loved her coaches and the girls on the team).  Come to think of it, all three of the older BHG kids have had their issues with travel soccer over the years, though younger BHG boy and oldest BHG girl really seem to have taken the brunt of the misery.  Still, that was in New Jersey, where politics and travel soccer go together like France and losing wars.  When we moved to Florida, we hoped that things would change a bit, and my daughter was thrilled when she made a local travel team.  Well, today was their first game, and she had a great view of it, seeing as she spent the entire game on the bench.  Yup, she didn't play one single second of the game.  Now, keep in mind, we pay money for her to do this.  And then we pay MORE money for her uniform.  So, are we now paying money for the privilege of watching her be a uniformed spectator?

What is it with travel soccer and asshat coaches??????  I hate this................

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Mark W said...

Unless you are being paid, you better get to play. I never signed my kids up to any league that didn't have minimum play time rules.