Thursday, March 27, 2014

Assorted Stuff

So, somehow, today the oldest BHG kid turned 15.  He is tall, has an insane mop of curly hair, is easy-going and is well-liked by his friends and peers.  In other words, he's everything I was not (and still am not).  He's a great kid and I'm incredibly proud to be his father.  On the other hand, he's now legally allowed to apply for his learner's permit, something of which he keeps reminding Mrs. BHG and I.  This is quite alarming to us...............

As I write this, it looks more and more likely that the missing Malaysian airlines flight, or wreckage from it, anyway, has been located in the southern Indian Ocean, well off the west coast of Australia.  See here for more on that.  Unfortunately, there is a distinct possibility, if not a probability, that we will never know how the plane came to be in that location.  The "black box", which contains the cockpit's voice and date recorders, will only send out "pings" for 30 days, and even if the searchers do locate it in this remote and deep part of the ocean, there is a very good chance the critical period of time--when the flight made its inexplicable turn to the west and then south, may very well have been overwritten.  So, sadly enough, we may never find out what exactly happened with this flight.

So, Richard Falk is set to step down on May 1 from his position as the United Nations Human Rights Commissions' "Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories.  This 9/11 conspiracy theorist, a guy who blamed the Boston Marathon Bombing last year on Israel, is an anti-Israel zealot.  Unfortunately, he is set to be replaced by someone who is just as bad.  I guess that it's too much for to expect Israel to get a fair shake from the odious United Nations in general, let alone the despicable Human Rights Commission...........

Higher education is doomed.  Skidmore College, a prominent and (to this point) well-respect liberal arts college, is set to offer a course on......................Miley Cyrus.  I hardly think that she merits a mention in the newspapers, let alone a class devoted to her.

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